What it Means to Have the Privilege of History in Arundhati Roy’s The God of Small Things

By McKenzie Twine

Arundhati Roy

The privilege of history is a common issue that arises in colonized countries like India. To hold on to and create personal history is something many people in colonized countries…

By Zak Sheppard

Western Carolina University sits on Cherokee Land. The university and the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians signed this Land Acknowledgement on May 15, 2021

Works such as Annette Saunooke Clapsaddle’s Even As We Breathe actively and noticeably show at least two languages existing side-by-side that paint the portrait of a people. This stylistic and culturally significant move situates the reader in a world that is either representative of their history, or…

By Emma Hamilton

Everything was blue. The cracked patio chairs, the palms in pots in the corner, the smooth ladder on the far side of the pool. Even the crumbly old motel in the background took on the blueness from the pool’s ultra-strong LED lighting. And Ellen was blue, too…

By Haylee Wilkie

Charles sat at his desk peering through the double-sided glass. He sipped his coffee in an attempt to shake off the lingering pull of sleep. He straightened his back and pulled his attention forward. He hit the large red button in front of him and the buzzer…

By Jordan Upton

The rain beat down steady, the same as it had for days. Heavy grey clouds cast a pall over town. Great flat plains that once grew tobacco turned to mud pits. Mobile homes which already had leaky roofs and slumped, saggy floors grew more leaky, slumped, and…

Paracosm, n: a detailed imaginary world, or fantasy world, involving humans and/or animals, or perhaps even fantasy or alien creations.

By Sushanna Murphine

When Elway Harisson got fed up with movie studios botching the casting of their adaptations of his works, he decided to move everything in-house. He created Paracosma, a software for a VR headset that would track his brain waves and the images that flashed across his mind…

Laura Wright

Laura Wright is the founder of the field of Vegan Studies. She is Professor of English at Western Carolina University.

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